About STEM Fusión South Florida

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STEM Fusión is a family summer program that involves STEM media, museum field-trips, and at-home and community STEM experiences. This program grew out of a collaboration between leaders from five different organizations that compose the Family STEM Leadership Network. These organizations include After School All-Stars South Florida, Centro Campesino, Cumbre Kids, the Philip & Patricia Frost Museum of Science, and the Talking Science Research & Development Group.

Our goal is to demonstrate that when organizations bring their unique capabilities to bear together, they can create impactful STEM experiences beyond what they could accomplish individually.


Families at Centro Campesino and After School All-Stars will have four unique experiences centered on the theme: “Loggerhead Sea Turtles: Nesting on a beach near you!” Participating youth and families will...

1. ...listen to this episode on the nature & conservation podcast, Camaleón: Mundo animal para niños, about Loggerhead Sea Turtle nests, featuring a science educator from Frost Museum of Science (produced in Spanish and English).

2. ...take a field trip to the Frost Museum of Science, to see the rescued Loggerhead Sea Turtle, Miko, and learn all about nature and conservation.

3. ...receive a take-home science kit and engage with the STEM concept at home, creating a project the whole family can participate in!

4. ...connect with STEM experts from Frost Science at community events programmed by Centro Campesino and After School All Stars.



This work is supported by funding from the National Science Foundation’s Advancing Informal STEM Learning program (NSF-AISL, Award No. 1846167; opinions, findings, and ideas presented on this page or elsewhere do not necessarily represent the views of the National Science Foundation.)